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About Me

I want you to be empowered on your journey of healing, wholeness and new legacy.

These are people/programs and products I partner with and share with you to contribute to your success.

  • I am a certified Life Coach through Covenant Coach Academy, where Life Coaching meets God's Covenant for a powerful combination. In this program, I have learned to hear clearly from Holy Spirit in guiding clients through life changing decisions and overcoming obstacles that block them from moving forward.

    Learn about becoming a Covenant Life Coach to full-fill the calling on your life.

  • Mom Mastery University has been a place where I gained tools as a Mom and experienced a loving, supportive community. These were not only practical tools, but emotional and spiritual ones I didn't realize were needed in the journey of being the Mom I was called to be.

    I invite you to Mom Mastery University. Join for $1 today!

  • My Mom Coach, Hannah Keeley, created this simple and impactful Challenge. It jump started me right where I was in my mothering. It is a short term commitment that can be revisited as often as I need to reboot or refresh.

    Join the 21 Day Mom Fog Challenge to experience your reboot!

  • Groove Funnels is a one-stop shop for my website creations, business development and implementation. The simplification of website, email, and funnel has helped the success of my business.

    Get more details and your website for FREE today!

  • Our family has been using Life Vantage supplements and products for 10+ years. The Nrf2 activator in their supplements has protected our immune systems from oxidative stress and we have increased energy and vitality.

    Learn more about Life Vantage products by using the link above.

  • We started using Berkey Water Filters when we traveled full-time. Knowing we could take the water supply where ever we stayed and covert it into clean, filtered water for our entire family gave us peace of mind and met our needs. 

    Enjoy clean, filtered water at home or while you travel.

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