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                 Gina Billings, Covenant Life Coach, Mom Coach
                 Greg Billings, Life Coach

Greg and Gina Billings are successful Life Coaches helping people live empowered lives.

We're Life Coaches, spouses, and parents. As Coaches, we're committed to people living empowered and transformed lives, knowing their identity and walking in freedom. We work with individuals and families to realign their beliefs and crush blocks that prevent their desired outcomes in any situation.

We have 4 children and have transformed relationship in ourselves and our home by using our Coaching techniques. With our proven methods, our family and our clients have gone from yelling and disrespect to being able to talk about differences and working together toward solutions that empower one another. As new life challenges are experienced, the coaching techniques are used with confidence and assurance that any family can live in peace and freedom.

Wondering if coaching is a fit for you, let's talk. You can book a free Consultation Session with Gina or Greg & Gina to talk via Zoom. We look forward to connecting with you!


Clients aren't just satisfied, they have real life results!

See what others have to say about working with Billings Coaching...

"Committed to your success."

“Gina is an incredible Coach who really cares about your results. I felt comfortable and was able to get clarity around the thoughts that were holding me back from achieving my goals. Gina is professional and helpful!

Jessica B.

"Just what I was looking for."

"By working with Greg & Gina, I can feel again and understand what each emotion is. I was numb for so long. I haven’t felt this way in about 8 years. I just realized it moments ago."

Craig C.

"I could move forward in my life."

"By working on my thoughts...I could move forward on things in my life!"

Yvonne R.

"I have mental Victory!"

“I had to rethink how I was accepting negative talk from a very negative situation and refocus on the truths in the Lord, not those of the circumstances.

Gina is a great Coach. She not only has a listening ear but a listening heart. She shared her wisdom in a way of questions that made me think deeper about my broken mindset.”

I'm able to take each session in my life to grow stronger and do away with the victim mentality I was living in. 

Lorraine H.

"I was finally able to achieve my goals."

"I discovered areas of my life I was struggling with. I was able to focus on developing viable options and encouraged to take positive action steps. 

I was able to determine and prioritize tasks needed to move forward. My accomplishments were celebrated, no matter how big or small. Even when I did not immediately realize my positive progress, Gina did!   

I felt heard in a non-judgmental environment and provided with positive feedback. Gina is insightful, perceptive, and helped me gain clarity in challenging situations.

Diane B.

"Coaching is so powerful!"

“We worked on my thoughts to change outcomes!”

Regina J.


Start new conversations with your family and friends in fun and engaging ways with our Connection Cards.

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20 Cards included.

Family Transformation Challenge

Our first Family Transformation challenge took place July 2020! Families learned about Mindset, Communication Tools and Creating New Legacies. Parents were able to transform their families in powerful ways from this Challenge. We'll be hosting another Challenge soon! Let us know if you want to be on our interest list!

FTC waitlist

Curious about what a Life Coach does? This interview on the RZNGMEN show with Craig C. Carlisle explores more about it. Contact us with your questions! Listen in to find out more and hear a sample of the Framewerk music show!

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